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Our Partnership Plan for First Nations


Who Is Drift Production Services?

Drift Production is one of Alberta’s steady and trusted newer companies. Fully Canadian and independently owned, aboriginal company. Operating in the area since 2003.

Drift Production Services is independently owned company in Canada that caters to the resource sectors providing a team of dedicated professionals who specialize in Fluid Management Solutions, Mechanical HD repair Facility, On-site Maintenance & Repair, Special Projects, Equipment Sales and Leasing. for our clients throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Drift is proud to employ members from many different First Nations. We are committed to working collectedly with First Nation leaders and their economic development groups in building capacity, promoting meaningful employment and training opportunities.

Our goal is to come in with the purpose of respecting the traditional territories of the areas we work in and form long lasting partnerships for the variety of resource activities going on inside first nation’s traditional territories.


Why are we interested in your community?

Drift Productions Services Ltd is keen to work as partners with aboriginal groups to provide Fluid Management Solutions to the resource industry.

Drift Production Services offers the opportunity to invite your community to become a full participant in this type of service to be provided inside in your territory.

What are the benefits of a Drift Production Services partnership?
When the mining and petroleum industries comes looking for minerals, oil and gas in your territory you have two main decisions to make:

1) Does your community, band or nation support the exploration activity?
2) How will you share in the economic activity that your resources have generated?

When partnered with Drift Productions Services Ltd you will be prepared to engage the resource industry from the moment they send you an activity referral. You will be able to tell industry that your nation would like opportunity to bid on RFP through your Drift partnership.

How will Drift benefit you?
With a Drift partnership there are many ways to benefit from resource development inside your traditional territories


Sub-Contract Opportunities
here the community can support through their business development on a variety of sub contract opportunities like

  •  Logistical support
  •  General Labor and Drivers
  •  First Aid Positions
  •  Sub-Contracting

Partnership Milestone Monitoring
Drift Production Services has implemented an aboriginal partnership reporting and tracking system that
allows our partners on monthly basis review and gage the partnership milestone and targeted goals.
For Administration, Human Resource and Financial.

Monthly partnership meetings include;

  •  Financial reporting
  •  Employment tracking and reporting
  •  sub-contracting reporting
  •  Strategic Sales engagement
  •  Current operations
  •  Future bids and projects

Community Partnership

Drift Production Services has a dedicated human resource team that supports out partnership applicants, provides unique support and feedback to frontline workers inside the partnership community.

  • New hiring mentorship program
  • Apprenticeship program
  • Employee training and loyalty program
  • HSE training
  • Employee Perks

Community Orientations
Drift Production Services will work with your frontline group to provide ongoing community based job orientation and training regularly. Distribute and advertise job postings in partnership communities

Our goal is to set goals for employment locally to the greatest degree locally. We accomplish by employing and offering on the job training to those who would like to follow a new career path

Training and Mentoring

We have on the job training within all other areas of service. Our mentorship program goal is to aid the development and support community members to realize their full potential, whilst nurturing people who aspire to be future business leaders and directors and coach them into key management roles.

Opportunities will exist in the following occupations:

  • General Labor
  • Trucking
  • Heavy Machine Operators
  • Supervisors
  • First Aid positions
  • Management

The Nature of work inside your traditional territories

Companies in the oil and gas, mining and remote site civil construction sectors are normally located far from civilization and it is for this reason most of the work for band membership may sent to areas where camps or hotels are part of the job,

These companies normally subcontract the various stages of operations to variety of different companies like Drift Production Services, who specialize in getting the necessary requirements done companies specializing in these activities in order that they, the oil and gas companies can focus on their core businesses.

First Nations are very good position to look at securing opportunities to bid within their traditional activities to engage and be involved in the various sectors in resource industry.

This is where you can be in a partnership relationship with Drift Production Services

How Can this Work for Your Nation Financially?

Drift Production Services is committed to ensure that our relationship is mutually beneficial at all times and therefore we propose two options to ensure that you are have the choice of business model which suits your nation best.

Upon award of a contract from a client on your Nations land, we will pay to you a fixed sum of money for % of the contract. This payment is made to you every month and will continue for the life of the project. A legal agreement would be drawn up to the effect to ensure all parties are covered. Typically, many of our partners have chosen this avenue. In many traditional territories we work in, projects come and go frequently and the risks are minimum and the gains are good.

Drift Production Services would welcome the opportunity to create a Joint Venture Company with your Nation. We would look at developing partnerships that can be 100% (with management mentoring agreement in term length, to a 50%/50% equal partnership, 51%/49% Different clients and industry requirements have set their own aboriginal content for first nation participation. It also really depends on the amount of work and length of work available inside your territories.

Typically Option 2 would offer your Nation a higher level of income in the long run but
Option 1 is a common one that first nations like to use.

Upon meeting with us we can divulge further details of how much your Nation can achieve financially and how our payments are calculated


Drift Production Services Ltd will also contribute throughout the year additional funding for each project contract awarded brought by the partnership to causes directly relating to the Nations people and wellbeing. This Funding will be utilized for the following ways: Scholarship Funds, Training Programs, Elderly Assistance, Day Care Facilities and Mentorship programs. The funding provided by Drift will be relative to the size of the project that we are awarded so the more projects the higher the level of funding that we will offer.

We trust you find this information helpful and would welcome the opportunity to engage your group further, in terms of consultation and agreements in your traditional and owned lands.
Drift Production Services Ltd is committed to honest and open engagement with all First Nations communities. We promote mutual respect and understanding through honest, open and timely communication.

“We take care of the people who take care of your business”
Our partners are our priority. We focus on the empowerment of local First Nations through employment, training, sub contract opportunities and respect.

Drift Production Services Ltd launches its Aboriginal Partnership Engagement Program to encourage local community development, support local causes and to leave a lasting legacy.

Drift Production Services holds its relationships and partnerships with Aboriginal groups in the highest regard.

Drift Production Services is committed to:

  • Developing mutually beneficial relationships with First Nations communities
  • respecting the traditional territories of all First Nations communities.
  • Promoting respect and understanding of issues critical to First Nations people.
  • Delivering consistent engagement with your community.
  • Creating opportunities aligned with your community’s aspirations.
  • Employing and training local residents as a priority initiative


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For more information please contact Aaron Pritchard

Call Aaron: (780) 292 5790